Fuji Lift Korea Co., LTD. Passing on Japan’s advanced technology and excellent equipment, the strength of both courage and ambition, to create a classic elevator brand spirit, relentless pursuit, and constantly explore, through a partnership with foreign research and development center, technology transfer, technology development, such as multi-level and technology strategy, make high-grade elevator mainly engaged in superior quality; Research and development, production, sales, installation and maintenance service is a body comprehensive enterprise. Using the Fuji elevator products three major advantages, namely the rice Fuji motor manufacturing co., LTD. Cooperation with the Japan research and development of the gearless synchronous traction machine; Japan Fuji elevator to develop an integral control system: the Japan grams of rice elevator to develop by Japan panasonic inverter synchronous and asynchronous door machine system; Rely on the three major advantages, to create safe, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, elevator.

Fujikorea Elevator

Fujikorea Elevator combines the marketing, focusing on researching, being better and better.


Therefore Fujikorea Elevator can bring the best experience and service to the customer. We put customers’ satisfaction at the first place.

Fujikorea Elevator

As word famous brand elevator manufacturing and selling,
Fujikorea Elevator rich products systems.


Professional technology team and complete after-sales service provide
various constructing With the best solutions.

Fujikorea Elevator


Fujikorea Elevator serves the world.


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